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TROJAN™ VIBRATIONS Vibrating Twister™ Intimate Massager

What can twist, maneuver and touch all the right spots? Twister™ Intimate Massager, of course!

Enjoy unique and intense pleasure with Twister™ Intimate Massager. Its unique handle features 4 twistable positions. It's perfect for internal and external stimulation and is the largest of the TROJAN™ line of intimate massagers, so experiment and discover a world of pleasure!


  • Moves in 4 twistable positions
  • 8 settings - 5 speeds and 3 pulse patterns
  • High quality silicone tip
  • Waterproof, durable and easy to clean
  • The largest and most powerful of the Trojan™ Vibrations line of intimate massagers
  • 2 AA batteries included
  • Elegant satin pouch for discreet storage

    TROJAN™ VIBRATIONS products are not available in AL and VA.



Product Detail