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No Excuses

When it comes to getting real close with someone, communication is key. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to insist that you or your partner wear a condom. The best time to discuss this is before you have sex not during the heat of the moment! Saying the wrong thing-or nothing at all-could cost you one very serious disease. So next time, be ready with these smart answers to the most common lame excuses.

EXCUSE: I’m on the pill. You don’t need a condom.
ANSWER: The pill doesn’t provide any protection against STDs that we might not even know we have.

EXCUSE: Just this once.
ANSWER: Once is all it takes to get an STD or get pregnant.

EXCUSE: I can’t feel a thing when I wear one.
ANSWER: With all of the new features, some new condoms can actually make sex feel better for both of us. Plus, we can relax because we won’t be worried about STDs or pregnancy if we use a latex condom.

EXCUSE: I don’t have a condom with me.
ANSWER: I do. Or: Then let’s not take the risk. Or: Let’s go buy some and try out the different styles.

EXCUSE: It’s embarrassing to buy and carry condoms.
ANSWER: It’s a lot more embarrassing to get or pass an STD, and if we’re too embarrassed to deal with condoms, then we’re probably not ready to deal with sex anyway.

EXCUSE: It’s up to him. It’s his decision.
ANSWER: The issue is about your health for both of you. It’s both your futures. It’s both your bodies. It’s both your decision. Protect yourself.

EXCUSE: I’ll lose my erection by the time I stop to put the condom on.
ANSWER: I’ll help you put it on - that’ll help you keep it.

EXCUSE: You carry a condom around with you?
ANSWER: I always carry a condom because I care about myself. I have one tonight because I care about us both.

EXCUSE: We’ve already done it without one
ANSWER: Right - and that was a mistake. Let’s be smart and not repeat it.

EXCUSE: I’m afraid to ask him to use a condom.
ANSWER: If you can’t ask him, you probably don’t trust him.

EXCUSE: He’ll think I don’t trust him.
ANSWER: Be smart. You have a long life ahead of you.