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We don't claim to know it all so you may want to visit these other reliable sources for more information.
SIECUS (the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States) has served as the national voice for sexuality education, sexual health, and sexual rights for over 40 years.
SIECCAN is the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada, a national non-profit educational organization established in 1964 to foster public and professional education about human sexuality. is committed to providing you credible and up-to-date information and education on sexual health. This website is made possible with the guidance and collaboration of a team of distinguished Canadian medical organizations, and is administered by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada.
This website "by teens for teens" helps young people become-and stay-sexually healthy by avoiding pregnancy and disease during their teenage years. It's maintained by Answer, Center for Applied Psychology at Rutgers University.
Advocates for Youth is an organization that "envisions a society that views sexuality as normal and healthy, and treats young people as a valuable resource." Teen Scene provides information on sexual health, opportunities for activism, online communities for people of color and LGBTQ youth, and links to local clinics.
Produced by Columbia University's Health Education Program, Go Ask Alice has loads of questions and answers on all kinds of relationship, sexuality, and sexual health issues for young people and adults alike.
Fight For Your Rights: Protect Yourself-MTV's campaign to inform and empower you on the issues surrounding your sexual health. shows students that they can make good decisions about sexual health. With more education, they turn the tide on sexual issues that can change a young person's future forever.
The Kaiser Family Foundation's website provides information on everything from HIV/AIDS, (including its "Daily HIV Report") to issue briefs on public health policy, minority health and reproductive/sexual health issues.
AIDSinfo is a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) project that offers the latest federally approved information on HIV/AIDS clinical research, treatment and prevention, and medical practice guidelines for people living with HIV/AIDS, their families and friends, health care providers, scientists, and researchers.
As a part of its overall public health mission, CDC provides national leadership in helping control the HIV epidemic by working with community, state, national, and international partners in surveillance, research, prevention and evaluation activities.
LIFEbeat is dedicated to reaching America's youth with the message of HIV/AIDS prevention.
amfAR is one of the world's leading nonprofit organizations dedicated to supporting HIV/AIDS research, AIDS prevention, treatment education, and the advocacy of sound AIDS-related public policy.


    Have a specific question, or need to talk to somebody right now? Somewhere, an operator is (literally) standing by. And, most of them will even pick up the tab for the call.

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National STD Hotline: 1-800-227-8922
  • CDC National HIV & AIDS Hotline: 1-800-342-AIDS
  • National Herpes Hotline: 1-919-361-8488
  • National HPV and Cervical Cancer Hotline: 1-919-361-4848
  • National Teenage AIDS Hotline: 1-800- 440-TEEN